Tuesday, August 03, 2004

เว็บน่าสนใจจาก BBC: StumbleUpon | Making the Modern World

ดูรายการ CLICK ONLINE ของ BBC เห็นเขาแนะนำเว็บน่าสนใจ

StumbleUpon Toolbar: "StumbleUpon is a new way to surf the web. It lets you channel-surf pages recommended by friends and peers ? great sites you can't find using search engines. "

Making the Modern World: "Making the Modern World brings you powerful stories about science and invention from the eighteenth century to today. It explains the development and the global spread of modern industrial society and its effects on all our lives. The site expands upon the permanent landmark gallery at the Science Museum, using the Web and dynamic multimedia techniques to go far beyond what a static exhibition can do."

และถ้าอยากบินได้ ก็นี่เลย Fly Guy

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